Amazing Diamond-Alternative Gemstones for Jewellery

Diamond is the most important choice of every girl. It may be girl’s best buddies but not for everyone. Diamonds are beautiful, durable, expensive and too classic. Some ladies like to wear something different and unique. If you are hunting for semi precious gemstones, you are on the right place.

Whether it’s a clear stone used to make various types of rings, looks like real. Here are some amazing gorgeous alternative gems that will look precious as diamond engagement ring.


Amethyst Gemstones

Amethyst is the most popular purple gems and one of the most popular gemstones in the world. It is used to produce faceted nuggets, smooth oval, faceted pear, cabochons, beads, tumbled stones and many other items for jewelry. It has Mohs hardness of 7 and does not break down easily. It is durable gem and is used to make rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and other types of jewelry.

Turquoise Gemstone

Turquoise Gemstones

Turquoise is found only in few places in the world. It is mostly found in dry and barren regions where acidic, copper-rich groundwater seeps downward. It is the traditional birthstone for December month. Turquoise has become the trendy gemstone since last few years. It has ranges from 5 to 7 on the Mohs scale with a combination of copper and aluminum.


Emerald Gemstones

Most gemologists and stone dealers call a stone green beryl with “too light” color for it to be known as Emerald. It is the perfect choice of people with a birthstone for May month. For over 5000 years, Emerald has been one of the most valuable and desirable gemstones on the earth. It has ranges 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale.


Morganite Gemstones

Morganite is the pink to orange-pink variety of beryl, a mineral that consists emerald and aquamarine. It is the most popular choice of the women for attractive engagement rings. Morganite has the same family of emerald stone, has ranges 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale.



It is set of closely related minerals forming a group with gemstones and is found in almost every color. It is found in various colors like greens, oranges, pinkish oranges, deeply saturated purplish reds, and even some blues. Red Garnet is one of the most common widespread gems on the earth. It is the birthstone for January month.

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Some Useful Tips On How To Choose Designer Fashion Necklace

Women are quite fond of jewellery and it is one thing that enhances their look and beauty quite beautifully. Women get fascinated by jewellery in general and like to shop for designer fashion jewellery in different varieties to look stunning and elegant. Jewellery consists of variety of accessories and the most preferred among all of them is necklace.

Buy designer fashion necklace Online at wholesale Cost

Women of all age love to wear designer fashion necklace and a necklace helps enhance the beauty of a woman manifold. However, when it comes to selecting a perfect necklace it gets tough for women to decide about the style, pattern and various other features that make a necklace look beautiful and simply magnificent. Given below are useful tips that you can follow to choose a designer fashion necklace for yourself –

  • When looking to buy a designer fashion necklace wholesaler for yourself, it gets important that you consider the type of necklace that you need to buy. When you are hunting for a perfect necklace, you should consider the different types of necklace that are available with the designer and should get confident as to which one is looking perfect on your. There are different types of necklaces that exist in market like choker, princess, matinee and opera types. You can try all these types on your neck and you should choose one that looks best on your body and fit perfect to your dress.watermark
  • Wearing a designer fashion necklace is something that almost every woman looks forward to. However, when making a choice for a perfect fashion necklace, you should consider your body type and should also take into consideration your height. If you are someone having a short frame then chokers, princess and matinee necklaces with 20 inch size are some of the best type of necklace that you can go for. You can wear any of these pieces over a V-neck dress or top to make sure that you look beautiful while creating an illusion for your height.
  • Women are quite particular about their jewellery and everything associated with them. Therefore, if you are considering buying designer fashion necklace, you should make sure that you buy with your favorite designer. Placing faith on someone reliable is always prudent then buying with an unknown brand or jewellery company. So, if you like the work of one particular jewellary designer, it is important that you option for their designs and buy a necklace that is unique and simply mesmerizing.watermark (1)
  • There are many women who like to shop for designer fashion necklace on regular occasion. So, if you are a regular and known a thing or two about necklaces, then it is advisable that you stick to one line of necklace and select from that design a perfect and beautiful necklace for yourself. This can help you limit your search and you can end up selecting a perfectly beautiful designer necklace for yourself.
  • Body type plays a major role when you are looking to select a necklace for yourself. Since, necklace is worn on the neck, it gets important that you chose a model that describes your personality in the best way and help you look beautiful and simply attractive. You should also consider the colour of your skin and make sure that you are not allergic to metals. This can help you chose a necklace that look quite perfect with your neck and provide you with an unmatched beauty appeal.
  • Last but certainly not the least tip would be selecting a designer necklace that is made up of metal which is in fashion and looks classy and expensive. You should not indulge in buying a necklace of inferior quality and should only buy from reliable online store or from designer shop of your choice. Price also play a crucial factor and you should not spend excessively on any design that is not worth the money, you should invest money in a necklace that looks best in quality as well as on your neck.

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How To Check Gemstone Beads Are Real Or Fake

Over and over again it is asked that is it actually genuine? The gemstones beads are fake or real? Almost everyone fears paying for the cheaper imitation of the gemstone beads. The hard earned money, when spent of futile gemstone beads causes a lot of pain in the heart. The precious stones may be sold at higher prices by simply embedding inferior quality gemstones in them. The imitations are beautiful and enticing. However, it is really pointless to pay such a heavy amount of money for them. One must have a proper knowledge about the gemstones and the ways to detect them. Therefore, here are some simplistic tricks through which you can find out the real ones from the phonies.

Differences Between Real Or Fake Gemstone

You can test a diamond is through the fog test. Blow some air over the surface of the gemstone from your mouth just the way you do in the mirror. If the fog does not perpetuate for long then it the gemstone bead is real else fake. If you want to buy Gemstone Cabochons Wholesale then visit at Jindal Gems Jaipur. A real diamond has a chemical property of heat dispersion.

Another way to test a diamond gemstone is by refracting light through it. If the diamond bead dramatically refracts the ray of light then unit is a real one else fake.

The price paradox

The point of price should be the matter of inquisitiveness for you. Obviously, you don’t expect the real jeweler to charge low prices for the stone. Neither, you want to pay hefty sums for the roadside jewelry pieces. Until and unless it is a stolen stuff, you don’t usually get to identify high-end gemstone stuff in the street corners. Lower rates of the real gemstones may indicate the ivory of illegal trading.


The hole in the beads says it all

The precious and semi-precious gemstone beads have a very tiny hole in them. Moreover, the quantity of the real gemstones is quite low in comparison to the real ones. Hunt for the damages around the holes. If the hole is large then it shall tell you about its fakeness.

The knotted necklaces and their clasps

The knots in-between the beads do not guarantee that they are absolutely real. The necklaces can technically be machine-knotted. The use of a pricey clasp also does of guarantee anything. The clasp over a chain that is gilded or made out of silver symbolizes that the held pearls are real.  You won’t generally find a cheap gemstone in the gold clasps as gold is really expensive.


The bead color

The beads can be easily color with soft dyes that look absolutely real. Genially the beads are made up of cheap materials like wood, glass, wood ad plastic. However, they are painted in such a way that makes them sell equivalent to the precious stones. The Gemstones beads can be easily dyed using different colors such as deep red, turquoise and whet so that they match with the looks of the originals. As you wear the jewelry on regular basis, the colored beads shall reveal their fakeness by emanating colors over your neck. In case you want to be assured before buying a fake jewelry piece, then take some water and rub the stone hard in your hand. If the color is easily extractible then it’s a fake piece, else it may be real one. You can also use some acetone for a harder check as sometimes water is not relevant over the high quality dyes.

Heat the gemstone

On heating the real stones, there is bound to be a color change as the chemical properties witness an alteration. Friends you can get more information from visit here However, in case of artificial stones, they have a consistent color that remains prevalent even on vigorous heating.

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How To Shop And Where To Buy Precious Stones Necklace

Precious stones have their own significance & popular for their superior look & beauty. Most of the buyers purchase gemstone jewelry for their beauty and remaining purchase for their huge benefits related to wealth & health.

The gemstone is not a new name in the jewelry industry, they are popular since ancient times. Gemstones also have a relation with astrology. Many of the people wear gemstone jewelry because of their huge benefits & significance in the term of astrology.  It is assumed that gemstones can be worn according to birth months for better health & wealth.


If you search about the gemstones, then you will find the benefits of wearing the gemstone. Each gemstone has different benefit in our life.

Precious & Semi-precious gemstones

Precious and semi-precious gemstones both has their different benefits. Diamond, ruby, sapphire & emerald are considered as precious stones & other gemstones are considered as semi-precious stones.

How to shop precious stone necklace without compromising with the quality…. ? The first thing to consider is the quality of the gemstones used in the necklaces, gemstone rings. It is very important to do a research before making any purchase.

Nowadays, lovely precious and Quality Semi Precious Gemstone Beads are also available online. You don’t need to visit the local store for purchasing gemstones. You only need to research well before buying any gemstones online. Your research will help you in finding best precious gemstone necklaces at the most competitive prices.

Things to consider for the precious stones:

Clarity of the Gemstone: Gemstone clarity plays an important role, clear, transparent gemstones without any defects are most expensive. Clarity is difficult to judge, but it plays an important role. You need to check the clarity of the precious stone necklace before making a purchase.

Color of the Gemstone : Color also plays an important role at the time of choosing precious stones online.  Its value totally depends on how it looks in the necklaces.  Don’t choose dark colors, always go with bright & vivid colors.

Cut of the Gemstone: Beautifully cut gemstones look more beautiful than other gemstones. Beautifully cut gemstone adds value to the necklace. Gemstone cuts can be done in many ways, but it is important to consider that cut is looking beautiful with the necklace.

Where to Buy Precious Gemstone Necklaces?
You can buy precious gemstone necklaces from the authorized online portals. In the crowd of online portals it is difficult to find which right one for the shopping & which is not. To simplify this problem, you can research well about the genuine necklaces & their prices online. Then make a list of online portals those provide quality precious gemstones at the most competitive prices. Then, filter them according to priority.

Filter process should be done on the basis of their customer reviews, price & quality of the gemstone necklaces.  You can also check their payment policy and refund policy before making a purchase of the jewelry item online.  Payment procedure should be secured & hassle-free. It is one of the problem people faced during online purchasing. Secured payment processing & easy refund policy will help you in a hassle-free shopping.

Conclusion: Precious Gemstones Necklaces purchasing is not a simple task, it needs a lot of research & homework. Consider above-mentioned points before making online precious gemstone purchasing. Information is provided by a trusted destination for Buy Gemstone Beads Online where you can not only buy gemstone but Gemstone Cabochons at Wholesale cost also. We have huge collection of Amethyst Beads and Natural Turquoise Beads in different size and shape. Know more visit our website.

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Some Information About Natural Turquoise Beads

Natural Turquoise is an aggregate of copper aluminum phosphate hydrate. It is formed under sufficient amount of pressure and heat. Natural Turquoise is opaque and may not include matrix. It is totally depends upon the type of turquoise.


Type of Turquoise Beads

Stabilized Turquoise:  It is a popular type of turquoise and widely used in jewelry designs. Its color is enhanced by treating with chemicals. It became hard and color enhanced after adding epoxy resin. Stabilizing hardens the turquoise, so we can cut and drill it.  Stabilize Turquoise is a beautiful piece with a permanent color and matrix.

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise: Sleeping beauty turquoise is found in the southwestern area of the US in Arizona. The stone got name sleeping beauty turquoise because the mountains from its mined is look like a sleeping woman laying on her back.  This type of turquoise looks beautiful because of its pure sky blue color.

Many sleeping beauty stones treated with zachery process. This process is very important to make stones denser to stabilize color and decrease porosity.

Chalk Turquoise : It is the most abundant type of turquoise available in the earth.  Chalk turquoise is found in the earth.  It is usually a pale blue or green in color. It is softer as compared to other high quality turquoise.
Chalk turquoise is so soft that is not an ideal choice for making jewelry. It is crushed into powder and infused with glues, resins and dyed to make it more vibrant in color and harder.

African Turquoise: African turquoise is one of the beautiful stones available in the market.  Sometimes it is sold as a genuine turquoise, but it is not a natural turquoise. One of the examples of African Turquoise is Dyed jasper. It is known as African Turquoise in the market.

Turquoise is available in different-different shades of green and blue

Nowadays, less than 3% of the turquoise available in the market is natural. It is very difficult to find 100% natural untreated turquoise in the market for jewelry making.  It is possible across the Industry that most of the turquoise available has some sort of treatment.

Keep things in mind, while purchasing natural, non-treated turquoise

This type of turquoise are very expensive and rarely available. Natural turquoise is hard and stable to be cut. Nowadays, it is very difficult to find untreated turquoise.

Natural stones dyed to look like turquoise

Natural stones are dyed to make them look similar to turquoise. Howolite and Magnesite are popular type of stones. When it is prepared after dying, it is very difficult to differentiate between natural turquoises. Experts are not able to identify which is original. If you are buying from reputed supplier, they label them so you know what you are buying.

Reconstituted Turquoise

In this process taking tiny turquoise pieces and those small to be stabilized or utilized for anything else and grinding them to make them powder. After that, powder is mixed with an adhesive agent to form block. This not a genuine piece of turquoise.  Reconstituted turquoise is very smooth and also varies in color.

If you prefer Buy Natural Turquoise Beads, make sure you don’t buy turquoise with any kind of dyes. Stabilized turquoise doesn’t mean, it is dyed. You can ask you supplier to certify that turquoise you are buying is natural and not chemically treated, dyed or enhance in any way. Deep knowledge and research is very essential while purchase natural turquoise beads online. Information is provided by most reputed manufacturer and exporter of precious, semi precious and gemstone beads offers high quality gemstone beads at very reasonable cost. If you are looking for buy high quality natural turquoise beads at low cost without any hasitation please contact us. Know more visit our website.

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Some Killer Tips On How To Buy Gemstone Beads Online

A gemstone is a beautiful stone and ladies like it very much into jewelry. Gemstone beads are flawless, beautiful and enhance beauty of your designs.  The gemstone beads are made up of natural materials, so some variation may occur in their color and size.

Nowadays, buying beads are no longer that easy. In earlier times, you just walk into some gemstone store and buy some impressive bead. Now time has changed and procedure of purchasing gemstone beads is also changed.  These days best ways to find flawless gemstone beads is through internet. There are so many websites available online, which offers the best gemstone beads. They showcase the widest and most fabulous range of beads at affordable prices.

With so many online stores available, it is very difficult to identify which online store is better. In the crowd of gemstone beads suppliers, it is very difficult to find a store which is giving high quality gemstone beads.


Read product description & see images

When you visit any website for online bead purchasing, read product description with patience. All you need to check every detail mentioned on the site for that particular product.  Images and description helps you to imagine gemstone beads. Enlarge the image and check the beads deeply you like.  All details provided for the product, read it and don’t take your decisions in a hurry. Always check each and every detail related to the product you want to purchase.

Compare online stores for the best price

Don’t end your search with one online store and finalize your gemstone beads. It is very necessary to browse different online stores & know more about their products, refund policies, terms and conditions.  You can also compare product prices with real retail outlets at your location.

Choose Bulk Buying For Attractive Discounts

While purchasing gemstone beads from web; make sure you go with bulk deals because this can save a lot of money. Many of the online gemstone stores offer huge discounts on bulk orders.

Buy Gemstones from Authorized Online stores

Always buy gemstone beads from authorized and renowned online store to ensure a secure online shopping. Their gemstone beads are genuine, original and come with a certificate of accreditation.

Check the quality of gemstone beads

Before buying gemstone beads, don’t forget to check their quality. Gemstones are very precious and beautiful. It is very important to know their quality before purchasing. Check whether the gemstone beads are defective or not.

Read customer reviews and feedbacks

Review reading is a best way to know more about the product. This gives you a better understanding how gemstone beads are and how many of the customers are satisfied with the product. Don’t end your result by reading one review, try to read 5- 10 reviews.  It helps you to take decision correctly. From the quality of the beads to delivery of the product, they give you every possible detail about the complete shopping experience.

Read Exchange and Return Policy

Always purchase online products after reading exchange and return policy mentioned on the website. If there are some strict policies related to refund think twice before purchasing gemstone from that website.

Delivery Charges

Delivery charges can also give you a shock, when gemstone reached to your place. Many of the online stores take extra delivery charge for precious gemstone delivery. If you want hassle-free shopping of gemstone, it is very necessary to ask your seller about delivery charge. If you think delivery charge are high, switch to another website and make your purchase.
If you browse different websites for buying gemstone online, you will see delivery charges are different of every online store.

Wrapping it up

We hope this article, will help you find the best online store for buying best gemstone beads but if you are looking for buy authentic gemstone beads or want to Place Gemstone Custom Orders then please visit most reputed Semi Precious Gemstone Beads manufacturer, importer and supplier situated in India where you can Buy Gemstone Beads Online and also shop Gemstone Cabochons at Wholesale cost. Always go with renowned online sellers, who provides original gemstones on time.  In the crowd of online gemstone beads seller, it is very difficult to find the best one but little research will delight you with the best gemstone product that meet up your expectations.

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Some Popular Types of Silver Jewelry

It is true that jewelry is most popular among everyone but specially famous in ladies because it is their favorite accessory which makes them very beautiful and elegant that’s why every ladies are worn jewelry accessories for enhance their beauty. There are many different types of jewelry metals available which is prevalent among everyone like gold, diamond and silver but mostly females take to use silver jewelry because this metal are quite affordable, fashionable, lustrous and available in a different variety of designs and the best of this piece is this are elegant and have intrinsic appeal which is very difficult to ignore, so if anyone who looking for out of the box gift means exclusive gift for your special someone and you confuse about what type of gift you choose then we ends your search with silver jewelry because it is much affordable instead of gold and diamond jewelry and as you all know that gold and diamond jewelry are comes with high price tag and its not within the financial budget of some women that’s why they choose silver because of its inexpensiveness. This metal is good for all occasion as a gift like wedding, an engagement, a baby shower, Mother’s day, an anniversary, a new job, Christmas day and Valentines Day gift.

there is no doubt on that is sometimes silver jewelry overlooked when choosing jewelry because its low price tag gives bad impression on peoples mind and they think it is inferior to other metals which is completely false and not true because its steely color combined with its long lasting qualities makes this a awesome jewelry piece which suitable for every women and men also, a very few peoples know about that is silver jewelry are comes with various types, so if anyone who want to know about silver types then don’t go anywhere and remained with us because today jindalgems a famous Amethyst Beads Wholesaler, are wants to share some different silver jewelry styles list and the list are given below side :-


Pure Silver Jewelry :- As you all know that pure means it is 99.9% pure and this type silver has a finish that glossy but it is really soft and due to its softness the pure silver is very malleable, that’s why it is good for crafting handmade silver jewelry like earring, ring, necklace, bangle and so on. Due to its malleable nature, jewelers can crafted more intricate patterns from this precious metal. So if you are pure metals lover then without any delay visit your nearest local jewelry store or online and buy it now.


Sterling Silver Jewelry :- This type of jewelry metal is pure and is relatively heard. This 92.5 sterling silver jewelry is most popular types of metal in silver line because it is mostly used for making ornaments, at present. Today not only female but male also wants to buy this metal rings for their engagement and wedding because it is not only look attractive but it comes with reasonable price which is best part of this. This kind of jewelry are produce by using procedures that include inlays, filigree, engraving and chasing, remember this metal jewelries are comes with “925” marked which demonstrate the quality of metal.

There are also more types of silver jewelry available which is prevalent among everyone such as German , gemstone , oxidized silver jewelry. Anyways thanks for reading this post we hope you enjoyed it a lot during reading, if yes then share this post with everyone by using your social media account but if you think this info could be better by you then share your suggestion by your comments on this post. Information is provided by a well known Semi Precious Gemstone Beads manufacturer and Gemstone Beads Wholesaler in India where you can buy Buy Gemstone Beads and Natural Turquoise Beads Online at reasonable cost. At jindalgems our valuable customers can buy Loose gemstones and Gemstone Cabochons at wholesale cost. Know more visit our website.

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