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How To Check Gemstone Beads Are Real Or Fake

Over and over again it is asked that is it actually genuine? The gemstones beads are fake or real? Almost everyone fears paying for the cheaper imitation of the gemstone beads. The hard earned money, when spent of futile gemstone beads causes a lot of pain in the heart. The precious stones may be sold at higher prices by simply embedding inferior quality gemstones in them. The imitations are beautiful and enticing. However, it is really pointless to pay such a heavy amount of money for them. One must have a proper knowledge about the gemstones and the ways to detect them. Therefore, here are some simplistic tricks through which you can find out the real ones from the phonies.

Differences Between Real Or Fake Gemstone

You can test a diamond is through the fog test. Blow some air over the surface of the gemstone from your mouth just the way you do in the mirror. If the fog does not perpetuate for long then it the gemstone bead is real else fake. If you want to buy Gemstone Cabochons Wholesale then visit at Jindal Gems Jaipur. A real diamond has a chemical property of heat dispersion.

Another way to test a diamond gemstone is by refracting light through it. If the diamond bead dramatically refracts the ray of light then unit is a real one else fake.

The price paradox

The point of price should be the matter of inquisitiveness for you. Obviously, you don’t expect the real jeweler to charge low prices for the stone. Neither, you want to pay hefty sums for the roadside jewelry pieces. Until and unless it is a stolen stuff, you don’t usually get to identify high-end gemstone stuff in the street corners. Lower rates of the real gemstones may indicate the ivory of illegal trading.


The hole in the beads says it all

The precious and semi-precious gemstone beads have a very tiny hole in them. Moreover, the quantity of the real gemstones is quite low in comparison to the real ones. Hunt for the damages around the holes. If the hole is large then it shall tell you about its fakeness.

The knotted necklaces and their clasps

The knots in-between the beads do not guarantee that they are absolutely real. The necklaces can technically be machine-knotted. The use of a pricey clasp also does of guarantee anything. The clasp over a chain that is gilded or made out of silver symbolizes that the held pearls are real.  You won’t generally find a cheap gemstone in the gold clasps as gold is really expensive.


The bead color

The beads can be easily color with soft dyes that look absolutely real. Genially the beads are made up of cheap materials like wood, glass, wood ad plastic. However, they are painted in such a way that makes them sell equivalent to the precious stones. The Gemstones beads can be easily dyed using different colors such as deep red, turquoise and whet so that they match with the looks of the originals. As you wear the jewelry on regular basis, the colored beads shall reveal their fakeness by emanating colors over your neck. In case you want to be assured before buying a fake jewelry piece, then take some water and rub the stone hard in your hand. If the color is easily extractible then it’s a fake piece, else it may be real one. You can also use some acetone for a harder check as sometimes water is not relevant over the high quality dyes.

Heat the gemstone

On heating the real stones, there is bound to be a color change as the chemical properties witness an alteration. Friends you can get more information from visit here www.jindalgemsjaipur.com. However, in case of artificial stones, they have a consistent color that remains prevalent even on vigorous heating.


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