Some Information About Natural Turquoise Beads

Natural Turquoise is an aggregate of copper aluminum phosphate hydrate. It is formed under sufficient amount of pressure and heat. Natural Turquoise is opaque and may not include matrix. It is totally depends upon the type of turquoise.


Type of Turquoise Beads

Stabilized Turquoise:  It is a popular type of turquoise and widely used in jewelry designs. Its color is enhanced by treating with chemicals. It became hard and color enhanced after adding epoxy resin. Stabilizing hardens the turquoise, so we can cut and drill it.  Stabilize Turquoise is a beautiful piece with a permanent color and matrix.

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise: Sleeping beauty turquoise is found in the southwestern area of the US in Arizona. The stone got name sleeping beauty turquoise because the mountains from its mined is look like a sleeping woman laying on her back.  This type of turquoise looks beautiful because of its pure sky blue color.

Many sleeping beauty stones treated with zachery process. This process is very important to make stones denser to stabilize color and decrease porosity.

Chalk Turquoise : It is the most abundant type of turquoise available in the earth.  Chalk turquoise is found in the earth.  It is usually a pale blue or green in color. It is softer as compared to other high quality turquoise.
Chalk turquoise is so soft that is not an ideal choice for making jewelry. It is crushed into powder and infused with glues, resins and dyed to make it more vibrant in color and harder.

African Turquoise: African turquoise is one of the beautiful stones available in the market.  Sometimes it is sold as a genuine turquoise, but it is not a natural turquoise. One of the examples of African Turquoise is Dyed jasper. It is known as African Turquoise in the market.

Turquoise is available in different-different shades of green and blue

Nowadays, less than 3% of the turquoise available in the market is natural. It is very difficult to find 100% natural untreated turquoise in the market for jewelry making.  It is possible across the Industry that most of the turquoise available has some sort of treatment.

Keep things in mind, while purchasing natural, non-treated turquoise

This type of turquoise are very expensive and rarely available. Natural turquoise is hard and stable to be cut. Nowadays, it is very difficult to find untreated turquoise.

Natural stones dyed to look like turquoise

Natural stones are dyed to make them look similar to turquoise. Howolite and Magnesite are popular type of stones. When it is prepared after dying, it is very difficult to differentiate between natural turquoises. Experts are not able to identify which is original. If you are buying from reputed supplier, they label them so you know what you are buying.

Reconstituted Turquoise

In this process taking tiny turquoise pieces and those small to be stabilized or utilized for anything else and grinding them to make them powder. After that, powder is mixed with an adhesive agent to form block. This not a genuine piece of turquoise.  Reconstituted turquoise is very smooth and also varies in color.

If you prefer Buy Natural Turquoise Beads, make sure you don’t buy turquoise with any kind of dyes. Stabilized turquoise doesn’t mean, it is dyed. You can ask you supplier to certify that turquoise you are buying is natural and not chemically treated, dyed or enhance in any way. Deep knowledge and research is very essential while purchase natural turquoise beads online. Information is provided by most reputed manufacturer and exporter of precious, semi precious and gemstone beads offers high quality gemstone beads at very reasonable cost. If you are looking for buy high quality natural turquoise beads at low cost without any hasitation please contact us. Know more visit our website.


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