Some Different Types of Bridal Jewelry

Today we would like to ask you one question about life is, which day is most important and unforgettable for all humans that change completely everyone life…… Now tell us the answer of this question, if you don’t know then we tells you about that moment which change everyone life is “wedding” yes it is true and mostly peoples are agree with me on this because when any free single person get married then after marriage many responsibilities come on person’s life that’s why we said it is most important and unforgettable day for humans anyways move on, wedding is most auspicious day in every family and every family person start wedding preparation for make marriage memorable and every tradition and rituals in the marriage are celebrated by their purest way and if we miss any rituals or tradition in wedding then celebration become dull and incomplete means every thing makes ceremony complete and if one thing are miss then every arraignment gets destroyed. Jewelry is most important item for wedding because any bridals can’t imagine their look perfect without this because its make bridal look complete, in India, wedding ceremony celebrate like a festival with great enthusiasm.

India known for its rich different culture and tradition because its every part of state follow different culture and things which is perfect example is its wedding jewelry so you will know about that easily. Every Indian state bridals wear different style of ornaments that is reflect their state tradition and rituals, every Indians and other country person also known about that but still many peoples don’t know about this but they all want to know about that then don’t worry all willing to learn peoples because today jindalgems India’s top and most reputed Semi Precious Gemstone Beads Manufacturer, wants to share some different Indian state jewelry style list that helpful for enhance your knowledge about that and the list are given below:-


Southern Region:- Southern peoples celebrate wedding ceremony as a festival and if we talking about jewelry then bridals of southern region are mostly wear gold jewelry or you may say that this region females and gold jewelry are go hand in hand means this jewelry is mandatory for bridals but silver jewelry is also famous in this region but only those bridals who belong to low income groups. Peoples enjoy this holy matrimony with great pomp.


Northern Region:- In northern region also wedding celebrate with great enthusiasm like as festival because it is the day when family member and relatives meet and greet each other and if we talking about this region jewelry then its bit different with southern region because this region bridals wear heavy kundan meena jewelry which made with real gold, gemstone and other artificial metals. Bridals wear many different types of jewelry forms such as “maatha patta”, anklets, armelts, “kamarband” and other types of jewelry style.


Christian Brides:- This religion is celebrate their weeding in different style according to Indian wedding but if we talking about christian bridals jewelry then some jewelry alike as Indian bridal jewelry for example gold jewelry but christian bridals also wear white gold, rhodium and diamond jewelry also which look gorgeous on white wedding gown, this white wedding gown is traditional bridal dress of Christian bridals.

Jewelry and bridals are complement each other and nowadays every bridals want to look perfect and awesome on their memorable day. Anyways thanks for read this post we hope you enjoyed it lot if yes then share this everyone and if you think this info could be better by you then give us your point of view by your comments on this post. Information is provided by a well known Gemstone Beads and Silver Bezel Setting manufacturer, exporter and supplier situated in India offers top class jewelry collection at very affordable cost. To know more about us or want to know special discount offers or book Gemstone Custom Orders please visit our website.


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